November 15th-17th, 2018

Husum, North Frisia/Fraschlönj

Programme 2018

Thursday, Nov 15th
Törsdi, 15ste önj e mistmoune

7:00 pm - Opening

Music: Mahara Jacobsen (vocals) & Constance Vogel (piano)

7:30 pm - Lecture

Border Crossings’ ORIGINS FESTIVAL


8:30 pm - Short Film / Kurzfilm

Il Silenzio (The Silence)

9:00 pm - Feature Film / Spielfilm
Yr Ymadawiad (The Passing)

Friday, Nov 16th
Fraidi, 16ste önj e mistmoune

7:00 pm - Lecture / Vortrag

Low Budget = Low Quality?


8:00 pm - Documentary / Dokumentarfilm

Tuhuupe Luupe (Cycling Together)

8:45 pm - Feature Film / Spielfilm

Amur Senza Fin (Hide And Seek)

Saturday, Nov 17th
Saneene, 17ste önj e mistmoune

7:00 pm - Panel Discussion

The importance of film, music and theatre for minority languages.

Moderation by Onno Falkena
(Omrop Fryslan, NL)


8:00 pm - Short Film

Zmij (The Dragon)

8:15 pm - Feature Film / Spielfilm

Oreina (The Deer)

Venue & Tickets at:

Kino Center Husum

Neustadt 114, Husum
Phone +49 (0)4841 2569

How to get there - Google Maps


Border Crossings’ ORIGINS FESTIVAL

Lecture / Vortrag. Michael Walling, Artistic Director Border Crossings London (UK).

London based Border Crossings works across the borders between cultures and art forms, and between nations and peoples. Since 1995, Border Crossings has collaborated with artists and companies from Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Croatia, France, Germany, Ghana, Hungary, India, Ireland, Lebanon, Mauritius, Mexico, New Zealand, Nigeria, Palestine, Sweden, the USA and Zimbabwe, as well as the diverse communities of the UK. Every two years their ORIGINS FESTIVAL in London presents performing arts by indigenous communities all over the world.

Subsequent discussion / anschließend Diskussion.

Thursday, Nov 15th
Törsdi, 15ste önj e mistmoune

7:30 pm


Low Budget = Low Quality?

Lecture / Vortrag. Dr. Russ Hunter from Northumbria University in Newcastle is an academic specialist on B-productions and low budget horror movies.

Subsequent discussion / anschließend Diskussion.

Friday, Nov 16th
Fraidi, 16ste önj e mistmoune

7:00 pm

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