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16th - 18th November 2006
HUSUM, North Frisia
The North Frisian organisation FRIISK FORIINING
in cooperation with the European umbrella as-
sociation for national minorities and small nations,
, are in charge of the
organisation of the European Minority Film Festival

The main organisations of the Danish minority in
South Slesvig
and of the German minority in
are also supporting the event. The date of
the festival will be from 16th - 18th of November
2006. The festival will take place in the
CINEMA CENTRE HUSUM in the region of North
Friesland and further places. The experiences of
the Cinema Centre Husum with the "Husumer
Filmtage" (Husum Film Festival) for more than 10
years and the reputation of the North Frisian county
capital as a place of cineastic and cultural interest
were decisive for this choice.

Planned is a film festival on a European level for
feature films in minority languages, which means
those authochtonous small nations and minorities
in particular without a so-called kin-state in the
background. These are e.g. the Frisians in the
Netherlands and Germany, the Sorbs in Germany,
the Sami in Scandinavia, the Welsh, Scottish and
Cornish in Great Britain, Sinti and Roma, Rhaetians
in Switzerland, Basques and Catalans in Spain or
Bretons in France.

Within the framework of the festival five chosen
feature films, all with English or German subtitles
and all from different regions, will be shown on
three evenings. Among these films an independant
Jury will vote the winner of the European Minority
Film Award 2006.

The European Minority Film Festival 2006 is under
the patronage of the Minister President of Schles-
wig-Holstein, Mr Peter Harry Carstensen.

The festival will be opened on Thursday, 16th of
November with a small reception in the lodge of the
cinema, with a welcome from the president of the
Federal Union of European Nationalities, Mr
Romedi Arquint from Switzerland.

The festival ends with a gala celebration in the the
event hall "Husum Hus", owned by the Danish
minority on the 18th of November where the
European Minority Film Award will be the focus.
Scenes from all five feature films will be shown
again accompanied by speeches of directors, actors
and organisers. A couple of international musicians
will round off the evening.

The is festival is aimed at the cineastic minded
people from North Friesland and other regions in
Europe where small nations are situated. The
organisers are expecting numerous representatives
of the minorities and small nations which are
organized in the Federal Union of European
Nationalities. As guests actors and directors of
certain feature films will also be invited.