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16th - 18th November 2006
HUSUM, North Frisia
On initiative of Mr Thies Boysen, born in Flensburg
on the German Danish border, the first Minority
Film Festival took place in Flensburg in 2005. This
festival was organized by the German minority in
Denmark and the Danish minority in Germany in
cooperation with the FUEN and was part of the
framework programme of the YOU!MM - Minority
Marathon in Flensburg. Because of the great
success it was decided to establish this festival as
a permanent event in the Danish German border
region but on a more European level than before.
The European Minority Film Award in this form has
never been in existence before and it is the only
award in this field which is officially recognized and
organized by the European umbrella organisation
for national minorities and small nations, the Fe-
deral Union of European Nationalities.
The European Minority Film Award 2006 (see above) is created by Arne Prohn www.arne-prohn.de