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16th - 18th November 2006
HUSUM, North Frisia
Smallest film festival in the world:
Bo Landin and Alex Scherpf with
the Sámi version of MACBETH
won the award of the European
Minority Film Festival in Husum

From 16th to 18th November 2006 the Friisk
Foriining and the Federal Union of European
Nationalities organised a Film Festival which
dealt with feature films in minority languages.
Contributions from Scotland (Foighidinn), West
Frisia (Sportman fan è ieu), Grisons (Staila
crudanta and Retourn), Ladinia (Ci co cunta)
and Saomi / Lappland (Macbeth) were shown
to interested parties in Husum / North Frisia /
Germany. All films had German or English

The aim of this so-called European Minority
Film Festival was to draw attention to the
specific situation of small European nations
without a so-called kinstate via feature films.
The annual award at this festival went to Bo
Landin and Alex Scherpf with the Sámi version
of MACBETH. The director Alex Scherpf
expressed his gratitude to the organisers of the
»smallest film festival in the world« and is
looking forward of a continuation of this event.

The next festival of this kind is planned for
2008. Further information:
Director Alex Scherpf
Documentation of the festival
20061116 Romedi Arquint in Husum
20061118 Laudatio of the jury
20051127 The booklet of the festival (see below)