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>> Thursday, November 13, 2008 

Thursday, November 13, 2008



draft programme

06:00 pm reception at the foyer of the Kino Center

06:30 pm opening speeches by:

Andrea Rassel (CH), vice president of FUEN
Jörgen Jensen Hahn (D), chairman of Friisk Foriining
Bo Landin (S), patron of the 2nd EMFF, director/producer

Gary Funck (D), head of organisation

07:00 pm screening (hors concours):

Wat san we? Frasche! (Europeada 2008)
North Frisian / Nordfriislon (D), 2008, 30 min.
A film by Claas Riecken
Frisian (Mooring) with German subtitles

07:30 pm screening:

Kutsidazu Bidea, Ixabel (Show Me The Way, Ixabel)
Basque Country / Euskal Herria (E), 2007, 97 min.
Basque with English subtitles
Directed by Fernando Bernues / Mireia Gabilondo
Produced by Eneko Olasagasti / Unai Ibarbia - Tentazioa Produkzioak
Mikel Losada, Ainere Tolosa, Iñake Irastorza


Fernando Bernues and Mireia Gabilondo co-helm the coming-of-age drama Kutsidazu bidea, Ixabel (Show Me the Way, Ixabel).
Mikel Losada plays Juan Martin, a boy from San Sebastian who decides to improve his Basque skills by spending his summer in the Pyrenees region at a Spanish farmhouse. The summer doesn't quite work out as he planned - the locals' use of Basque is all-but unintelligible to him and bears little similarity to his classroom studies, while the rural lifestyles jar with his own experience and knowledge and carry him far outside of his comfort zone.
Juan's head is turned, however, by Ixabel, the family's youngest daughter, with whom he falls deeply in love - despite the existence of her current boyfriend, pelota champion Anjel Mari.

Introduction by Fernando Bernues and Mireia Gabilondo (directors)

09:30 pm break

09:45 pm screening:

Le Rëgn de Fanes (The Reign of Fanes) ,
Ladinia/Ladinia (I), 2005, 49 min.
Ladin with German subtitles
Directed by Roland Verra
Produced by Susy Rottonara, Roland Verra, Hans Peter Karbon
Susy Rottonara, Yvonne Gögele, Tone Palfrader


Le Rëgn de Fanes (The Reign of Fanes) is the first Ladin film about the famous legends of Fanes, the most important tales in Dolomitic Ladin oral tradition, freely based on K.F.Wolff´s writings, in a symbolic revision bound to original settings and colours in the nature of the mountains. It is entirely shot in the original places of the legend and represents the central theme of the longing for increasing power of the King of Fanes who causes the death of his daughter, the warrior princess Dolasila and the fall of his own reign.

Introduction by Susy Rottonara (requested)


AFTER FILM MEETING at hotel-pub "Jeverstube", Großstraße 10