Dat mokt wi gistern

We'll do it yesterday

Germany / Niedersachsen, 2008, 81 min.
Low German without (!) subtitles

Directed and produced by Martin Hermann, Filmemokers GbR
Starring: Falko Weerts, Ralf Stege, Detlef Klussmann, Thomas Baier, Dietmar Wischmeyer

'Apparatspott - Dat mokt wie gistern' is the third feature film in Low-German by Filmemoker, a film company in Suling, Lower Saxony. In this episode a secret time-tunnel, the 'Suling Tiedröhrn (STR)', is causing a major disturbance: in the course of a demonstration of the device the mayoress is accidently sent into the past, leaving no traces whatsoever. The governmental organization “B.I.S. - Buern in Schwatt” (Farmers in Black) orders Captain Kork and his Apparatspott team to set off for a rescue mission. However, due to major technical problems, the rescue team itself ends up in an odyssee through the past. There our heroes come across several famous people and use the opportunity to slightly change history now and then… Will the Apparatspott team eventually be able to rescue itself and the mayoress, or will the part-time spacemen, facing this extremely difficult task, this time reach their limits?