Pudana - Last of the Line

Finland, Siberia 2009, 97 min.
Nenets with English subtitles

Directed by Anastasia Lapsui, Markku Lehmuskallio
Produced by Pertti Veijalainen and Jouko Aaltonen for Illume Ltd.
Starring: Aleksandra Okotetto, Radik Anaguritsi, Nadezhda Pyrerko, Roza Laptander

The film takes place in the Yamal Peninsula during the Soviet Government and is based on a true story in director Anastasia Lapsui's childhood surroundings.

 A little Nenets girl Neko is taken against her will from her home teepee to a boarding school in a remote Russian village. Forced to adapt to a foreign culture and new customs, Neko rebels against the russification and gets bullied by her schoolmates and picked on by her teachers. After several conflicts Neko desides to flee together with her Nenets school mate hoping to get back to her family and old habits. However, the children's flight in the icy forests and tundra is short-lived and the return to the boarding school and new Russian life is inevitable.
 The story is told as old Neko's, or now Nadja's, memory. Now, after long and full life, she recalls the moment that ended her childhood and started her life as a part of the other society. But something important has changed for good; Neko, the last of her family, has grown away from her original roots and lost her skill to sustain the ancient traditions of her family.